Nirzar Kala Sansthan

Nirzar is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to preserving, inculcating and propagating the knowledge of a different way of life.

An alternative way of life may mean different things to different people; educating them about the vast possibilities and potential that the new lifestyle has in store for them is an important objective Nirzar has set out to achieve as its primary mission. Nirzar strives to bring back the Indian culture into the modern way of life; the propagation of a belief system that is rooted in centuries of wisdom, knowledge and experience but still touches and enriches every aspect of a modern lifestyle.

Nirzar Kala Sansthan was originally formed in 1982 to help popularize traditional art forms. Early on in the life of Nirzar, It became clear that since art is considered an important part of life and derives its inspiration from the facets of life itself, the very basis of today's lifestyle also must be influenced to be able to better appreciate the traditional art forms. Out of this need grew the other activities of Nirzar.